Vitamin D Facts: Test Kits And Sources
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Vitamin D Facts: Test Kits And Sources

Facts about vitamin D and test kits are educational along with guides to better health. Asking your doctor about a vitamin D test kit includes you in checking your nutrition.

As the days of sunlight diminish, the natural way to absorb Vitamin D goes into winter mode too. The sun is one of the most reliable ways to get the needed IU ( international units). Where we go for the source of Vitamin D and testing for that can be learned within these facts. 

The pharmacology International Units, (IU) are the measurement for an amount of a substance in biological forms. The amount of a particular substance will not be the same for each IU. This is true in Vitamins too. For example Vitamin C will not have the same IU equivalency as that of Vitamin B 12.

Daily, healthy, balanced diet can supply the body with the needed nutrients, the body needs to function. It is when the gap occurs that we look to supplements to close that port hole that can cause a breach in wellness.

As soon as fall becomes winter, the clouds cover our best source of Vitamin D, which is the sun. For just 15 minutes exposure to the sun’s rays, three times a week, the human body can absorb the International units that is above the recommendation for adult consumption. Many facts should be considered for the effective absorption of Vitamin D to benefit the body.

1. A sunscreen must not be applied to the exposed skin.

2. A substantial amount of the skin is to be exposed to fully absorb the Vitamin D from the sun.

3. It is advised to not be exposed to the sun when a person is ingesting certain medications that are prescribed by an attending physician. Check with health care provider prior to sun exposure.

Test kits for detecting the amount of Vitamin D in a person can be a guide to add supplements when you seek professional advise. Professional advice is recommended, so there is no guess in the dosage. ZRT laboratory offers a kit that can be mailed to selected people to test for Vitamin D deficiency. Please see link below.

Because of the laws of some states, you will probably not be able to purchase this kit to test yourself at home. If you are permitted to buy the kit, you will be asked to agree to the requirements, on the site regarding the use and the results of the home testing. Be prepared for a price tag of above $60. This cost will not include your doctor visit and also might not include the lab fees if you ask your health care provider to obtain a drop of blood to check your Vitamin D level.

In the doctor’s office, a venous blood draw is generally done, rather than a using capillary blood. Effective monitoring of several conditions can be obtained from one capillary sample with very effective success in the results. You might want to check all the conditions to order the separate kits so you can get all the results you wish, with one sample stick.The kits come complete with cleansing alcohol swab, lancet, along with easy to follow home instructions to guide you through the entire Vitamin D testing process.


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Well written! Voted up!

Yikes I prefer not to get tested, I just try to eat healthy and get more sun. I know its easy to get depressed when there are lots of rainy or cloudy days.

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Great explanation. My boyfriend was just found to be deficient in this vitamin although he works outdoors and eats a lot of things containing/fortified with this vitamin. I have promoted since I am out of votes for now, will be back! ; )

Very interesting and I must confess I knew very little on Vitamin D facts.

Another great job! Thank you, Roberta.