The Many Benefits of Vitamin D
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The Many Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluable vitamin that has been shown to have many health benefits, including it's ability to protect against certain types of cancers. More research needs to be done on this "super vitamin" , but it appears that all Americans may need more vitamin D in there bodys to reap the health benefits.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluable vitamin that encourages the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous. People who spend ten minutes or more in the sun should be getting enough of this vitamin from sunshine because the sun promotes vitamin D synthesis through the skin.

The active form of vitamin D is called calcitrial. Calcitrial is formed through a process called hydroxylation reaction. This makes vitamin D active in the body. Calcitrial promotes the absorption of calcium and phospherous from the food we eat, in the gut. Reabsorption of calcium occurs in the kidneys. This helps to increase the flow of calcium in the bloodstream.

According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, up to 77 percent of Americans are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D has recently been researched and looked at for it's many benefits to health. Vitamin D  has been shown to have many benefits if taken in supplemental form. Some of the benefits that vitamin D has been shown to have are:

Increases the chances of losing weight:

Vitamin D deficiency has been recently been associated with weight gain and obesity. Studies show that the higher levels of Vitamin D a person has at the start of a diet, the better chance they have of losing weight. Higher levels of Vitamin D are also associated with less abdominal fat.

Decreases incidences of diabetes:

A study has shown that taking vitamin D in the form of yogert, daily, helped lower blood sugar levels for those with diabetes. Eating yogart daily had a direct effect on Type 2 diabetes by insulin sensitivity. An indirect effect was seen through weight loss. HbA1c levels were regulated by taking a vitamin D supplement daily by eating yogert. HbA1c levels are a blood sugar level that takes a measurement of glucose in the blood during the preceding three months.

Builds bone tissue:

Vitamin D has helped people with Osteoporosis by decreasing their bone loss. Vitamin D also increases new bone growth and maintains bone density, so the bone is less porous. Vitamin D deficiency contributes to Osteoporosis by decreasing the absorption of calcium in the bones.

Protects against cancer:

A study of over 3 thousand adults who had colonoscopies to look for lesions or polyp in the colon, had a significantly lower risk of developing cancerous lesions if they were taking vitamin D supplements. Women have shown a lower incident of breast cancer if taking 1 thousand mg. of vitamin D as a supplement.

It seems that vitamin D might be a super vitamin that has many health benefits, although more research needs to be done on this beneficial vitamin. Ask your doctor how vitamin D can benefit your health.


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