The Importance of Omega 3s from Fish Oil in Our Diets
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The Importance of Omega 3s from Fish Oil in Our Diets

Omega 3's are very important for good health. It helps fight against several diseases and helps with chronic pain.

Fish is an excellent source of omega-3s. Some of the best are salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel. We need to do our own cooking because restaurants replace omega-3s with omega-6s which are bad oils. Preparing our own food is much healthier for us. Baked fish is the best way to prepare fish. It reduces the chances of strokes while frying fish increases our chances. It is very important how we prepare it to be the best benefits from the omega-3s.

In today’s time omega-6s are taking over. Almost everywhere we eat outside the home and also in lots of groceries we buy has this in them. Too many omega-6s causes diseases and inflammation which is very painful. These are the fats are body don’t need. To make sure we are getting the right about of omega-3s in our diet, we should also be taking a fish-oil supplement.

1. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are the omega-3s that fish oil produces. EPA helps with depression and has been proven to help with some bipolar disorders. DHA helps the brain function healthier. When you’re buying fish-oil supplements look for the ones that have both of these in them. Some only have one or the other in them.

2. Omega-3s also reduces inflammation which is the cause of so many very painful diseases. I sometimes get inflammation build up in my lower back and it puts me out of commission for awhile because of the swelling which causes so much of the pain I experience. I have to keep inflammatory drugs in my medicine cabinet. When my doctor tells me it’s ok to start taking omega-3s in my diet, I shouldn’t have as much problems with pain then. They help with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus which are very painful diseases. It’s very hard to live with joint pain that’s why taking omega-3s are so important. It’s good to know there are things we can do to help with chronic pain. Always talk with your doctor to see what dosage of supplements you should be taking because everyone is different and response to things differently.

3. Omega-3s is very good for the heart. It’s been proven to reduce the risk of heart attacks. It thins out the blood which is very important for heart patients. Never take fish oil supplements without consulting with your doctor first because he may already have you on blood thinners. He may even add some to your diet along with your medication. This can only be determined by you and your doctor. Only he will know the right kind of treatment that is right for your condition.

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Comments (9)

RT'd via @nostate on Twitter. Buzzed up, and voted. Do the same for my latest please?

Great article- voted it up!

Nancy M

Great info here... I was very ill and my inflammation factor was off the charts. Docs were not sure why. I apparently didn't have lupus or RA. I have been eating fish and taking Omega3 supplements for several months and the difference is amazing. I feel so much better. i am looking forward to seeing the results of my most recent blood tests. Thanks!

Sorry Nancy for your problems with inflammation and I'm glad your on the right path for better health. It is really amazing what omega 3's can do for so many things. Remember putting this into your diet you are also preventing many more things that could happen to you. A very powerful supplement for so many reasons. Take care and thanks for commenting.

Great info. Voted this one up!

The Importance Of Omega 3's From Fish Oil In Our Diets Yes this is a great article because I have told my wife about the importance of omega 3's Darrell

Glad you shared this. I began taking fish oil supplements about a month ago.

Hi thought I would do a double take at this article. Darrell

I don't do fish oil, but I do flaxseed everyday. It's done wonders.