Redoxon Vitamin C
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Redoxon Vitamin C

Redoxon without sugar The product is sugar free with just pure Vitamin C. Like all other vitamins, vitamin C is not produced by the body being found in some foods.

Redoxon Vitamin C

Generic Name- Ascorbic acid

Pharmaceutical forms and presentations - without sugar Redoxon

Effervescent tablets 1 g - 10 tubes

Flavor: orange without sugar

Adult and pediatric use

Composition - Redoxon without sugar

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

Effervescent tablets: 1 g

General information –

Redoxon without sugar

The product is sugar free with just pure Vitamin C. Like all other vitamins, vitamin C is not produced by the body being found in some foods.

Vitamin C is important because, participating in several vital chemical reactions in our body, is involved in the formation of bones, teeth and blood, stimulates the body's defenses and fights free radicals that destroy cells.

Redoxon has no contraindications and can even be administered during pregnancy and / or lactation period. Vitamin C does not accumulate in the body due to its solubility in water.

Redoxon effervescent tablet is recommended for children and adults at a dose of 1 g / day or as medical criteria. The effervescent tablet should be dissolved in a glass of water.

Redoxon be valid from the date of manufacture printed on the outside of the package. We do not recommend the use of any medicine after the expiry date


The packages should be kept tightly closed in a cool dry place.

Redoxon Care - sugar free Redoxon

Redoxon sugar-free does not contain carbohydrates and are sweetened with aspartame. Contain 3.76 calories per 1g tablet, so the drug is recommended for diabetics. Due to the presence of vitamin C, the product cannot modify the blood glucose level; distort the measurement of urine sugar. The administration of the product should therefore be stopped several days before the exam.

Redoxon contains phenylalanine.

In sodium-restricted diets take into account that each effervescent tablet contains 1 g sugar-free sodium 282 mg (corresponding to 0.72 g of salt).

Warnings ad precautions

• All drugs should be kept out of the reach of children.

• Avoid using any drug without informing your doctor.

• Follow the correct usage. If in doubt, seek medical advice.

Redoxon side effects

Commonly Redoxon doesn’t have any side effects. Patients may suffer from allergic reactions, consult a doctor in case any symptoms occur.

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