Mineral Supplements and Proper Diet
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Mineral Supplements and Proper Diet

The need to consume enough minerals has not only influenced how people eat and choose their diet but on how much supplements one consumes. It is not a wonder to find someone taking three to four different type of supplements but it is really necessary when you are getting a proper diet.

Minerals are essential for the nutritional requirements of the body. They have very many varied functions and combine in different ways to sustain the vital organs of the body. Lack of minerals can be very harmful to the body as has been demonstrated by degeneration of bodily functions whenever one or more of them are lacking. Mineral supplements have proliferated to take advantage of this need. Pharmaceutical companies make huge profits from them and push them as an essential part of our daily nutritional requirements. Doctors and nutritionists don’t help either. They almost inadvertently act as co-supporters of this phenomenon.

While it cannot be gainsaid enough, the advancement in human diet and the understanding of nutritional needs should in fact have eliminated the need for supplements. After all, all food sources have some amounts of minerals in them. So, proper diet should eliminate the need for mineral intake in form of dietary supplements. Of course I would advocate for supplements in cases where deficiency has been brought about by disease or a condition. But on a normal healthy human being, it should not be the case.

This brings me to the topic of diet. While numbers are always thrown around, we have heard of a two thousand calorie diet being the standard daily requirement for an adult. Some have gone to say the minimum daily for women should be around one thousand two hundred with men slightly higher by three hundred or so calories. Using these numbers and taking the mundane food someone would eat in a particular day, it is impossible to get ones daily needs from such low figures of calories. Okay, it can be argued that in a month or so it should even out. No, it will not. The only way it can even out is to increase consumption to get the extra minerals.

The problem with increased intake of food is that weight gain tends to follow. But human beings are designed not to be inactive. So for a balanced diet that makes sure the required mineral intake is also met, higher calorie intake combined with an active lifestyle becomes an imperative. Starving will of course bring weight loss, but it also brings malnutrition forcing the dieter to rely on expensive mineral supplements to boost one’s nutritional wellbeing. This is a very inefficient and unhealthy way of compensating for what could easily be achieved by a healthy lifestyle.


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Comments (23)

Informative share and very well done! Thanks

Great and well written article..thanks for posting

Food for thought? Informative article.

Informative and good first article

Some very interesting points you make. Food for thought, indeed.

Excellent report, voted. : )

Well written informative discussion here.

Interesting article!

You have done excellent work . . . keep it up . . . I will be looking forward for more articles from you . . . voted up

Well done composition. Since I know I don't eat the proper amounts of minerals and vitamins I rely on supplements.

Thank you for sharing this informative article. Very well done.

Well done!

Have you heard of Dr Fred Bisci?

Ranked #6 in Vitamins & Minerals

No. I havent heard of him. What about him?

Thanks Timm - good article on proper food intake. I am an advocate of eating what you want when you want it and eating as much of it as you want. I know that might sound like a bad path to take but it has worked for me. I think your approach is a well balanced and healthy approach. I wonder if my approach of eating whatever you are craving fits well with your approach. That is with the caveat that a person doesn't have a propensity toward gluttony. But even as I think of days when I sit down and eat a whole bag of salt and vinegar potato chips, I don't crave it or want it for maybe several months and I have satisfied my desire for a treat. I try not to get "hung-up" on my food choices and in the end I think I eat pretty healthily. Well done article.

Ranked #6 in Vitamins & Minerals

Thanks too. I wouldn't really advocate people to eat more than caloric needs of each individual but incase you engage in eating, there is no problem. The best way to balance what you eat, is through exercise to get rid of extra calories. We need to eat healthy and enough foods for us to get the required minerals. Otherwise, we will end up consuming too much supplement which infact are not necessary.

Great insight on this matter.

Great article, Timm, i am with Judith on this one, and since I cook huge amounts of various foods everyday, I try and limit what I eat with small amounts of the foods I taste...voted

Ranked #6 in Vitamins & Minerals

That fine Parks. Restricting is the key to success. Otherwise I believe we need to eat all food types but with limitation.

Returning to again read your valuable information.

Ranked #6 in Vitamins & Minerals

Thank you.

Voted up.Valuable information.

Good information here, recommended.