CoBaDex CZS (Zinc and Selenium) Tablets
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CoBaDex CZS (Zinc and Selenium) Tablets

INDICATIONS Cobadex CZS is indicated as nutritional adjuvant in management of diabetes mellitus. For diabetic patients with known nutritional deficit or at risk of developing nutritional deficiency.Cobadex CZS is to be co-prescribed for oral administration with oral anti-diabetic agents and insulin injections.

CoBaDex CZS (Zinc and Selenium) tablets

Active ingredients

Each film-coated tablet contains:

• Pyridoxine Hydrochloride IP 3 mg

• Nicotinamide IP 100 mg

• Cyanocobalamin IP 15 meg

• Folic Acid IP 1500 meg

• Chromium Picolinate USP 250 meg

• Selenious Acid USP equal to elemental Selenium 100 meg

• Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate USP 61.8 mg (equivalent to 22.5 mg of elemental Zinc) (Appropriate overages added)

• Colours: Titanium Dioxide IP, Lake Ponceau 4R. and Lake Carmoisine.


Cobadex CZS is indicated as nutritional adjuvant in management of diabetes mellitus. For diabetic patients with known nutritional deficit or at risk of developing nutritional deficiency. Cobadex CZS is to be co-prescribed for oral administration with oral anti-diabetic agents and insulin injections.

Conditions where dietary restrictions may lead to deficiency states include peptic-ulcer, obesity, hypertension, chronic diarrhoea and dysentery, malnutrition and inadequate diet.

Cobadex CZS is also indicated as vitamin supplement during pregnancy and lactation.

In illness and to increase resistance against infection. It has been found of value in clinical and sub-clinical vitamin deficiency states such as megaloblastic anaemia, diarrhoea. Supplementation of diet in old age and as an aid to recovery from illness.


Vitamins are essential for normal metabolic functions including hematopoiesis.

Vitamin B complex forms part of coenzymes essential for the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids.

Folic acid is needed for normal cell growth. Folic acid and cyanocobalamin are metabolically interrelated. They are essential to nucleic acid synthesis and normal maturation of red blood cells.

Nicotinamide serves as a coenzyme in oxidation - reduction reactions in tissue respiration.

Trace elements are required for various metabolic processes.

Chromium, Zinc and Selenium (CZS) are trace elements essential for normal biochemical processes. In diabetes mellitus type I and type II lack or absence of insulin is the fundamental defect. The CZS elements are integral to normal insulin action.

Chromium is an necessary trace constituent that potentiates insulin metabolism thus manipulating lipid, carbohydrate, and protein actions.

Zinc is the metal component or activator of many enzymes in the body. Its availability governs the tissue concentration and activities of certain metallo enzymes and the rate of synthesis of the nucleic acids and protein, thereby influencing tissue growth and reparative process.

Selenium is an essential trace element and is an integral part of the enzyme system glutathione peroxidase; this enzyme protects intracellular structure against oxidative damage.


Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION Adults: One tablet daily.


Store at a temperature not exceeding 30°C, protected from direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children.

Why Zinc is Important

Zinc is important for the immune system, which helps fight off the flu and colds throughout the year. Zinc is also important for our sense of smell and taste, a lack of zinc can diminish these senses.

A zinc deficiency can also cause a loss of libido in both men and women, which can hurt your relationship. A lack of zinc can also increase stress in the body that hurts the immune system and inhibits healing, and adequate amounts of zinc is very important for physical performance, energy, and body composition.

Zinc is important for the following reasons

  • Improves athletic performance and strength
  • Supports male reproductive and fertility
  • Supports female reproductive health and fertility
  • Prevents cancer and boosts the immune system
  • Improves heart and cardiovascular health
  • Can prevent type II diabetes
  • Is a great antioxidant
  • Can prevent against Alzheimer’s and promotes brain health
  • Improves sleep and promotes energy
  • Can elevate mood and helps a person to avoid to energy

As you can see, zinc is very important for the healthy functioning of our bodies.

The Health Benefits of Selenium

Selenium is an essential mineral that is found in the soil and our foods. Certain areas have higher concentrations of selenium and that increases the Selenium in the food that is grown in those regions. Selenium is usually found in grains and is highest when the particular grain is grown in areas known for high soil levels of selenium.

Selenium is important for the following health reasons:

  • Lowers the risk of numerous types of cancer including breast cancer, esophageal, lung, gastric and prostrate cancer.
  • Supports the entire immune system to keep illness and disease away.
  • Can fight viral and bacterial infections.
  • Is great for thyroid health and fertility.
  • Can help with asthma.

The best sources of Selenium are Brazil nuts, sardines, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, wild caught salmon, pumpkin seeds, organic raised turkey, tuna and mushrooms.

Selenium can be obtained in food when you buy organic wheat and seed products but also in supplement form. Selenium is an often overlooked essential mineral when looking for a multi vitamin, but you need to look for it. Good multi vitamins will have the proper amount of selenium in the multi vitamin.

Further research has found that pregnant woman can reduce the risk of their newborn babies getting asthma if they get enough selenium.

As always, check with your doctor to find out the proper amount to take and if it is okay to take for your condition.

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dilip ponkshe

Is this cobadex czs tablet is suitable for type II diabetec patient? whether any wight gain is also noticed.



Does cobadex czs give weight gian?

Does we gain weight if we take cobadex czs